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AboutEmpire Counseling & Consultation


Empire Counseling & Consultation is a cutting-edge practice devoted to those who want help with their mental wellness as well as relationships but aren’t always able to make it to a traditional therapy office with traditional hours. Empire Counseling & Consultation is a mental wellness practice catered to assisting you with mental health and other needs in the comfort of your own environment by a click of a button virtually or coming into an office. Some locations offer virtual sessions as late as midnight!

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Meet the Founder

Patrice N. DouglasWelcome to my world! There is a reason why you’re checking me out right? Is it because I am a huge fan of pop culture especially reality TV and always correlating it to mental health? Is it because I am the unofficial guru of Anger Management or The Black Man’s Therapist and always empowering people to be okay with being angry? Whether it’s because a person you know told you to come see me, you have seen me all over social media, or you are just looking for a therapist I am glad you stopped by. Yes, I have an extensive amount of education that shows why I am an expert in many areas like a master’s degree and over 3,000 hours of training, as well as finishing my doctorate, but my passion and desire to heal people from their issues is what makes my services the reason why you are here.

If you are that person whom is angry all the time and don’t know why, always feeling on edge about everything and everyone thinks you’re being dramatic, you been through a lot and you can’t escape the pain; I am your therapist! You haven’t been feeling like yourself and you do or don’t know the reason, all you know is you need to talk to someone I am your therapist! Your relationships are falling apart, and you aren’t sure if they are toxic or it’s you, I am your therapist! You have many angry clients, struggling to understand Black men, or new to helping minority clients and is lost on what to do, I am your expert!

Whether you are here to join a class of mine, see me for couples or individual sessions, or get some consultation for mental health professionals let me tell you what your experience will be: you will definitely laugh as I do crack a joke from time to time, you for sure will cry because I want you to let it all out and you may even hate me at times because I get you to go to places you been avoiding. My style of therapy and teaching is making things relatable, giving you the comfort to talk about the most uncomfortable things ever as well as giving you the tools to help yourself so you won’t need me forever. Working on yourself is a journey, and I am willing to be a passenger on that ride. 

This is a little about who I am but if you want the breakdown and lengthy version of myself here you go! (Full length bio)